Friday, June 25, 2010

Scott's Next Project: Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser

Hey guys! So I'm going to be creating my next image based on the short stories of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. These were a series of sword and sorcery short stories written in the late 30's. There are tons of great stories so it's been hard to narrow my thumbnails down. Anyways, here are a bunch of my more successful ones. Not sure what to start with. I would love suggestions, and maybe let me know which one jumps out at you the most so i can narrow these down. Thanks!!
Ok, so i will number them clock wise and explain each:
1. this is a fight on a steep snowy hillside. The front figure is the large (7feet tall) Fafhrd dodging a lunging black priest. The black priest has jet black skin and lava red eyes. behind him is the Mouser who is coming in to flank the priest.

2.this is an epic water scene where we see the two in the small sloop in the foreground. they are turning quickly to get out of the way of a massive dragon headed prow emerging from smoke and mist.

3.a simpler image of the two on a high mountain peak. Fafhrd is looking over the land as mouser is just rounding the rocky edge behind him. the lighting on this would be a diagonal shadow running through fafhrds mid section and just under mousers eyes.

4. this didn't really happen in the book this way, but there was a story where they had to steal deaths mask. So this is a battle scene between them and death with the flame containing deaths  mask on the left.

5. fafhrd is inspecting a mssive jewel he plundered while mouser is looking out. they are on a rocky outcropping of some ruins. the tree in the back has skull hanging from it and in the top right there is a little man putting a blow gun to his lips.

6. below shot, portrait with Fafhrds bird he had in one story. back ground is of the town with towers in the back and black birds circling.

hope that makes some sense of em!


  1. i like the second one. i think its different from a lot of the pieces that are in your portfolio and i love ocean scenes. it sounds real dramatic. my second choice would probably be the first one. the description of the priest sounds cool, even though it reminds me of the piece you did for imc last year and this year combined.

  2. I concur with Owen, second one! A water scene would be great in your portfolio. I also like (going clockwise from the top left) your 5th and 6th ones, because they would also be nice additions to your portfolio. I'd be really interested to see you do the 6th one, with the below angle and towers... They all look like nice compositions. Do whichever you want... but also do the second one :)