Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scott's IMC Thumbs

So these are pretty abstract...i know, but since the description calls for a fairly simple image with the one main figure i'm just trying to play with composition. Give me all your thoughts!!! Here is the description i'm going by:
War Priest of Thune (Magic Card)      
Color: White creature
Location: Battlefield
Action: This is a cleric who isn't content to sit back and heal the wounded — he/she wades into combat, using his/her own protective magic to make him/her a more powerful sacred warrior. Show a male or female, olive-skinned human cleric in full battle armor. Maybe the armor is plate with leather covering strapped over it. We want a glamor shot of him/her, confronting the camera, heavy mace in hand, as a smog rolls away from him/her unnaturally, as if receding from his/her presence.
Focus: The battle cleric
Mood: A holy badass
Notes: No real-world symbols, please.


  1. I think my favorites are the last two (even though they are the absolute least detailed! haha). I just like the movement and the swirly magic motion there (and fog would be behind him, of course, yes?). I wonder if they want magic though? If they just want the figure confronting the camera with a mace, would they want action? No idea... Guess you'll find out! Maybe make an action shot like the last two, and a different sketch which is more like standing looking awesome with fog, and ready for battle, but not actually doing anything magical.

  2. Last two definitely have the most flow to them, but something about the top down shot really appeals to me. The pose has some sense of otherworldly/holy power to it (maybe the top down gives me the feeling of a "gods' eye view"?), and it would give you a chance to show the fog receding in all directions from the figure. Plus, it breaks from the standard eye level shots in a nice way. (and I've been a sucker for top down shots since Whilce Portacio's run on X-men when I was growing up)

  3. Cool thanks for the insight guys...i've been staring at these for too long and it only gets harder to choose the more you look. Good point on the top-down view Ben. Will we be seeing you at the IMC again this year?Maybe I'll go ahead and make some more detailed sketches of all three to try and get a better idea.

  4. I like the fifth one the best. It looks like it has potential to take a simple description and complicate it just enough to make it into an interesting illustration. Besides, all the other sketches look like most of mine. That's my biggest concern with this assignment. That half the class will have the same exact illustration.

  5. Hahaha, yea i guess you are right. there may be a few similar ones...gonna have to try and make it a bit different. Thanks Arkady

  6. Scott--

    I'll try to pop up for a visit to IMC (probably on the "show" day) but not attending. Maybe can raise the funds for next year. :D

  7. Scott! I like the top-down one, and the second-to-last ones best. I think the second-to-last offers a strong figure and motion - if you combine it with a bit more of an above-view, just angled down at the figure more, you might be able to do more cool stuff with the receding smog, and have an interesting perspective. Lookin good!