Thursday, June 24, 2010

Next project!

We never officially made a post about the next project yet... or that I am now a for realz member of Running with Paintbrushes, but we've started on the next project!! So hello again!!!!

In this project, Becca and I are working on illustrations for the children's fairytale Baba Yaga. Scott and Owen are working on personal projects for their portfolios (to prepare for the conventions this summer). The final duedate, we're not sure yet. In future projects, Becca and I will continue to work in the realm of children/s books (our true calling), while Owen and Scott work on their fantasy/scifi work.

Anyway, here are my thumbs for Baba Yaga:

I'm going with the one on the right. I have the background worked out, and I initially had the main character in the foreground. After talking to Rebecca Guay and Jeremy Jarvis at IMC about it (I started this there), I decided to make the girl smaller. For one thing, she looks like a giant in the first one, unless i got that perspective perfect, and with her smaller and closer to the sleeping witch gave it more of a story and placed her in the witches cabin better. So anyway... :D Can't wait to get started! Lots of cool little creepy witch things will be filling the room.


  1. Lis, I like both of these, but I agree that the one on the right is probably better in terms of making her look small and delicate, and the witch good and... witchy! All I would say about the first one is that she probably shouldn't have a short skirt. I love your composition for the second one - can't wait to see the next stage!

  2. Well it looks like you got this all worked out, can't wait to see your sketch. Like with Becca, I recommend you look at Ivan Bilibin or any other Russian illustrators, there is a long line of Baba Yaga paintings out there, and they are all phenomenal. Here's a great one: