Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lis's final sketch

Hello all! Here is my final sketch to show the class + faculty on the first day. I'm really diggin it... I took everyone's advice and removed the creepy human hands on the beast... But I'm giving him more human arms/back. Probably need to turn his head slightly different. Need Belle to be slightly farther away too. I had a couple of other positions of the beast drawn on tracing paper, but this was my favorite. I'll show the others in class. I'm very excited to paint it - Coloring is my favorite part of illustrating. Also showing some studies of Belle. I think I want her hair down... braids kind of get in the way if you want to show them though, so I might give her a little medieval crispine hat but have most of her hair loose from it. Anyway... time to pack!!! AAH!!!

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