Thursday, February 3, 2011

Becca's Alice

Hey All! Here's my Alice Sketch. Of course, I had to do the White Rabbit :) This is the scene where Alice first sees the rabbit. She's been sitting with her sister, reading, under a tree, when the White Rabbit hurries by, and off they go down the rabbit hole!


  1. I can't wait to see this finished!!!!! I love it!!! Wonderful White Rabbit, and Alice is adorable. Great composition, and I like that he has two paws going off the page, and ears too! (: and the watch is nice too.

    My one suggestion - the sisters legs in the background are mighty straight and flat. If you lift the knees a bit to give it a slight tent shape itll look more realistic and fit in with the rest of the piece better. (:

    I don't think my piece is going to have this drastic a perspective... but thats okay... haha. I have a vision!! will post tomorrow probably.

  2. I might also extend that one paw off the page a bit more. it's kinda just on the cusp right now. i like this one, the clock is great.

  3. Hey! I really like this one. I think it's interesting having the rabbit shoved all up in our face. Gives a good impression of him rushing right by us in his haste. I agree with Lis about the sister's legs, kinda dollish. I know the other two like the watch, and I like it in general but I think it might be nice with some embellishment. Maybe a pattern on the face, or some delicate metalwork. Nothing too crazy, but i think it's a bit plain.
    Also, be careful with the bottom left've got a whole lot of interesting stuff going on everywhere else that it makes that area seem really empty. Maybe just some shrubbery or and indication of the footpath or something. doesn't need much, just enough to make it stand out less.
    It's going to be really nice!

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to get started on this today! I agree with a lot of what you guys said - as for the empty space in the lower left, I want to point out that I am really trying to take into consideration the fact that I want to do children's books, so leaving space for text is important. That said, I agree that it shouldn't be totally blank, but I'm going to let the paint do most of the work in that area :)