Friday, February 25, 2011

Becca's Pandora Sketch

Hey guys! This is a sketch that goes with a larger project which is in the works. I'm sorry I can't post the whole story behind the image, but I'd love feedback anyway! I haven't had this many figures in a painting in years... and I think the last time it was rats, not people...


  1. this looks nice. Very solid children's book piece. Just a couple things I noticed: i think the girl's pants and coat could be puffier with a lot of wrinkles, and I think some of the people in the parade closest to us in each row need to be taller, it kinda looks like the onlookers are on a platform a foot or 2 taller than the street. very jubilant, can't wait to see what colors you use.

  2. I agree about the girl's clothing - the pants definitely need some wrinkles because right now it looks like she has bare legs at the knee! Also her right hand in the mitten looks a little shapeless, even for being a fist in a mitten.

    I think the front of the panda and panda head can be bigger and take up more space. Macy's balloons are pretty massive! It would also help with perspective.

    Also, I agree with Owen about the people at the front of the parade, they need to be a bit taller... speaking of taller, the heights should be varied a bit. Everyone is the same height, but there should be some smaller women or smaller men, or bigger men, bigger women, they're usually not so uniform. It probably looks nicer to have them walking with the same steps, but I don't think they do... but you could keep them that way just for the image.

    I know it is hard to find good pictures of people walking with balloons, here are some I found:

    and check out flickr and search for macy's parade and scroll through to find people with floats at eye level

    Anyway, it is a great composition and portfolio piece! Crowd scenes are challenging and definitely good to have. Can't wait to see this painted!

  3. Sorry i'm late in the game! I agree with everything that's been said so far. I think it's a nice image for the book. I think the little girls right hand is much too small even though it's in a fist. Folds in the pants is also a must. I like the patterning of the people holding the balloon, but I also think there could be a bit more variety in their heights and looks. Other wise they look too much like clones. Im also wondering if there could be some taller buildings in the background very subtle?
    I think it'll be a strong piece for your dummy! I look forward to the final.