Monday, February 7, 2011

Owen's Murderbot Thumbs

So after a lot of struggling to create a robot, I came up with Murderbot.  The top one has a thumbnail kind of what I'm doing.  A robot on a hill having a relaxing day off, and flying a kite.  The robot doesn't understand the point of a kite, so it's using it's jet engines to propel the kite into the sky.  I'm planning to build the robot somewhat for reference to the angle is likely to change a bit, maybe a perspective looking up at the robot that would make a cool angle for the kite. The design is based on those security cameras they have in museums and Vegas, so it has a 360 degree sight.


  1. Hi Owen!

    So first - I know you may not like to hear this - but leave out the engine propeller thing that lifts the kite. I don't think it's necessary and its kind of confusing. I don't think people would understand that was happening without the text, and art shouldn't need text to explain it! I think you can get an effective piece by just having Murderbot flying a kite, because an evil robot juxtaposes well with a cute colorful kite (and apocalyptic background as well).

    Anyway, I really think you should leave out that bit of story. Other than that, I really like the design of the robot and I think making a model would be a great idea (plus you get a cute model!). It might be cool to make the kite with a more interesting shape too instead of the generic, maybe some cool ribbons coming off the end, or wing like sides... I'm very interested in seeing a color comp too! Would love to see your vision for the colors :D

  2. Owen, this is a fun idea! Makes me think of Wall-E. I agree with Lis that the kite can just be a normal kite. Focus on designing a fantastic robot, and a really nice scene, the engine-propelled kite just makes it too complicated. The 360 degree camera lens idea is really fun, and the idea of this murderbot with knives and saws and stuff, who is flying a kite, is fun as well. Really design the heck out of it. Is that a noose he's holding in front of him? I'd rather just see lots of sharp little knives, maybe that rotating saw... think about what sorts of things the murderbot would... murder. Animals? Plants? How much of a menace is this guy really? He looks pretty cute to me right now, which is great if that's what you are going for. Like I said, Wall-E. You can be really strategic about where you place his murderous accessories and blinking lights to really give him a lot of personality. Isn't there usually a little glowy red light inside of those 360 degree cameras? Use that to your advantage to try to show an emotion.

    As you can see, your idea has given me tons of ideas, so you're off to a good start! I want to see the reference model that you end up making!

  3. I like him flying the kite...but I will agree with the others. Maybe forcing the point home too hard with the jets on the kite. I think a couple things you can do to make this one really cool: Change the direction from the death king painting (this is almost exactly the same especially with the city). Give it some depth maybe the kite is going away from us or closer to us. Maybe just not so flat and side to side, you know what i mean? I want to see the depth. I think the robot design is pretty cool. Maybe make sure you get some things in there to give us a better sense of his scale. Have fun with it, really think Wall-E on it like the others said. you can borrow it if you want. Since you are trying to show a different side of Murderbot other than murdering we should be able to feel a connection to his emotions in some way...this is a hard thing to do. but you want viewers to get into the painting and have a little dialog in their heads about this story....other than "robot with kite." It'll be cool to see your model and how you construct this one. I'm looking forward to it. A color comp would be cool too. Try out some different colors!
    I've rambled enough, get to it!