Saturday, February 12, 2011

Owen's Murderbot Sketch

Here is my sketch for "Murderbot Takes a Holiday".  I think I gave him enough detail, but if you guys think he needs more weapons or little metal things let me know.  The background is wrecked apartment buildings.  Its all going to be done in orange and blue tones, I might do some color comps but I think I'm pretty settled on how its gonna look.  The sun will be setting behind the tops of the buildings, so a lot will be somewhat silhouetted.


  1. Yay murderbot!!

    For some reason, in my own wall-e comparison, i imagined the robot was a little guy... but now I realize he's probably huge! I wonder if you can add something near his feet that might help show his immense size... some tiny tiny flowers, a wrecked car... because otherwise the noose and weapons look really tiny. Or maybe if you just make the grass at his feet very small... right now it looks like normal sized grass, but if you made the blades of grass seriously tiny, and very thin and fuzzy almost...

    Orange and blue tones sounds nice! Sounds vibrant. I like vibrant colors.

  2. Owen, this is looking sweet! I like what you did with the kite :) The angle is working well to give a sense of his large scale, but I agree with Lis that you should make sure that the grass and everything else is tiny in comparison to him. Your design of the robot is looking great, lots of nice detail. I would love to see you bring out a bit more personality. Right now it looks like a big robot with a kite, but I have no sense of emotion or intent (hard to do with a robot for sure). Maybe if he's scratching his head, or making some sort of gesture (excited, confused, bored) with his "arms"... or maybe you are already planning to do something with the color or blinking lights. The last thing is I am still not sure about that noose. I would rather see more knives or needles or an axe or something. The noose looks a bit dinky, especially compared to the machine gun and circular saw. Maybe he has some sort of claw back there instead, and is picking a flower.

    In any case, this is gonna be a nice one!

  3. I definitely agree with the above comments. Nice detailing throughout. I think it would be really cool to get some tiny skulls down in the grass or a few other leftover items from his waste-laying. Also, it may be too late, and i understand why you did it, but his legs are kinda facing in different directions and I don't see a pivot point for them to do that. So It leads me to believe that they are just attached to the body that way. When he actually tries to walk his legs go in different directions...could be awkward. Anyway just something to keep in mind for the future.
    Looking good though! I can't wait to see it in color. I like the smileyface on the kite too!

  4. im sorry becca, the noose is staying. hahah i like it too much. lis thanks for the ideas about scale, hadn't thought about it, but i will definitely make the grass smaller and put some tiny little flowers there, maybe under his feet or something. scott thanks for pointing out the legs, i think i skewed them a bit too much.