Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lis's Painting: The Cheshire Cat

Hello all!

I'm very pleased with my Alice in Wonderland painting... and not just because at the very end I nearly accidently destroyed it, but was able to salvage it with gouache. Whew, that was scary. D:

Anyway the exact moment of this scene might be after Alice leaves the Duchess and drops the pig, and finds the cat up in a tree... although there might be other scenes with the cat in the tree and Alice below...


  1. Lis this is beautiful! That is all :)

    This makes me really want to get bolder with my colors!

  2. Ya, agreed! Really really nice. Good balanced composition, nice bright colors, great sense of depth! I really like his green eyes! Wee!

  3. I did not expect this to look like this! I thought this would be nice, but this is stellar! There is nothing I don't like about the way you handled this piece. Everything is uniquely your own, while still being in the wonderland universe. I continue to be overwhelmed by your style.

  4. I love this! Lis, it was nice meeting you and Becca at the SCBWI event - I'm definitely going to follow this blog.