Monday, February 14, 2011

Goblin Engineer Drawing

Here's my drawing for the latest project!


  1. Scott - sweeet!

    Awesome design so far (and I'm glad to see those goggles being put to use!).

    My one question at this point is, are you going to do anything with the background? You could keep it subtle, but I think just a hint of setting - what this guy's workshop looks like - would really be great.

    What sort of color scheme are you thinking about? I am excited to see this in paint!

    Oooh also, if you worked this drawing up just a bit more, you could definitely add it as a b&w piece in your portfolio.

  2. Thanks! Lis also said she'd like to see some background in there. So i will try and give a sense of the room behind him. I just don't want to distract too much from him and the bug. I'm still thinking about colors too so i'm not sure yet. I will definitely work up a color comp or two to see what works.

  3. yeah this is gonna look nice. it would be cool if you put a tesla coil looking thing in the background. is the bottle glowing? if not, that might be cool if it was. like glowing dust is in it. like a secret material he needs to give this bot a life of it's own or something. i don't know just a thought.
    there are some slightly blurred elements to the drawing, this might be a good piece to play with focus, like blurring the things on his table so the robot is super sharp. i don't know, up to you.

  4. Ya the bottle is glowing, and I do want to have some out of focus elements in the foreground so the bug and him gets nice and crisp.