Friday, May 29, 2009

Assignment: Mother Nature

For our next project, we asked Dennis Nolan, a fantastic illustrator and a former professor of ours from the Hartford Art School, to come up with an assignment for us. And boy oh boy did he deliver! This is what he sent us:

"Your illustration assignment, should you choose to try it, is a painting of Mother Nature (in all her glory, of course). You may use any imagery you like as long as it qualifies as an allegorical interpretation. You can invent the setting and include as much flora and fauna as makes your picture work and may choose any storyline you wish to pursue. In regards to the last, clarity of intention is paramount (sound familiar). Sharpen your pencils, the clock is ticking."

Demanding, creative, timely, and open-ended - a classic Dennis Nolan assignment! And speaking of a ticking clock, here is our project schedule:

Monday, June 8th - Thumbnails due
(June 14-21st - Master Class!)
Monday, June 29th - Sketch and reference
Monday July 13th - Final due

Time to get cracking - thanks Dennis!

Also, keep an eye out for postings related to the Master Class assignments - it's comin' up fast!

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