Monday, July 18, 2011

Craig's Unicorn Painting


  1. Craig, this looks fantastic! Turned out great. Love the colors. For some reason I can't get enough of the blue/shadowed trees in the foreground. And I love the little shrubs on the ground and spots on the unicorn. I still think the horn could have been moved over more toward the center of the forehead, but it's not as noticeable in the painting as it was in the drawing.

    Anyway what are your thoughts on the piece? Are you proud of it? You didn't give us an text!!! haha

  2. Really nice Craig, great first piece for the blog. Yeah the colors are really interesting and unique, not how I had pictured this piece. I think the curve of the temple in the background needs to go down just the slightest bit, super easy to correct, very minor. Good job!

  3. Craig! Gah! I took way too long to comment on this - sorry!! This looks fabulous! I love your color palette and the stylization - there is such rich texture to this piece, it feels almost as though I could reach out and touch it, like the characters have been molded out of clay. I do agree with Lis about the unicorn horn, and would add that you might tone down the shine on the horn a touch, as it stands out quite a lot from the rest of the painting. That said, this is really really great, and a wonderful piece to add to your arsenal!