Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Becca's Viking Painting - In Progress

Hey All! Soooo I'm a bit late on this thanks to some commissions, but I'm posting the progress to see what you guys think of where it's going. I need to darken up that shield and play a bunch more with the background... basically everything can use some more work, but I'd love your thoughts before I finish it up! Thanks! (Also FYI the colors look a lot duller here than on my computer! Ug. Technology. Anyone have suggestions for that too?)


  1. So far so good! Didn't you get a new scanner? Or not yet? I'm assuming this is a photo.

    But yes, lookin' good! Definitely looks unfinished, just keep adding layers and depth. I'd really bring the characters into the foreground and push the background back... keep the background light, make the characters darker. You're gonna add some green in the trees/background right behind him right?

  2. Colors are looking great to me (they never reproduce perfectly.) Love her hair. Considering what you said about priority of focus maybe the shield is already where it needs to be. I hope the background keeps it's subtlety - the coolness of the treeline is working too, I think. Just need a little more solidity to him and his separation from the background. Really coming along!

  3. Yeah, it's a photo - paint's still wet so couldn't scan. Weird thing is, it looks different on my computer than when I upload it to the blog... aaaanyway, thanks for the feedback! I'm working on darkening up some areas and glazing in a bit more color. Should be done in a day or so!!

  4. It's probably the color profile... its really confusing stuff. In photoshop, go to 'assign profile' in under edit and select the working rgb thing in the middle. That usually makes the colors look right both on photoshop and online... i think. I think Adobe 1998 does the same thing under profile in 'assign profile' too. There are a bunch of forums and articles about that because it confuses the hell out of everyone hahahaha. It happens to my art too.

  5. Okay scott's done some research too

    working srgb - generally good for online
    adobe 1998 - good for printing at home on inkjet
    cmyk - best for sending out to professional jobs