Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wolves of Winterfell - Lady

Today's wolf is Lady.  She was the first one to die and so we never quite knew what role she would have played in Sansa's life and how things would have been had she stayed in the story.  Would Sansa have been a fiercer character? Would Lady have played a part in killing any main characters? Or would she have been the lamest of the Direwolves and been kept in a life of ribbons in her hair and had a vegetarian diet?  We'll never know.  I like to think she would have made Sansa stronger and made Joffrey fear torturing Sansa so much.
Here we see Lady just a few moments before her impending doom.

And a Happy New Year Everyone!  Last year was the Best Year of my life, so I'm hope this year will be only slightly less good.

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