Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rust Drawing

This is the drawing for the "Rust" challenge.  I am on vacation this week so I'm movin along with this piece pretty quickly.  I will be staring this piece later today.  I can't wait to start. I'm doing this painting 13" x 14".


  1. Cool! ....I will say I wish the top of her head and her forearms weren't so close to the edges though. Vacation! come hang out for a bit this weekend!

  2. Nicely drawn hands!! I agree with Scott, the main thing here is your edges - too close!!

    My only other thoughts - which by now it may be too late for if you've started painting already - is that I'd like to see a flower that has some space between its petals so it doesn't obscure her face so much (lilly, iris, dogwood blossom...) so that at least part of her lips showed through... but if you've already started, then too late! Also, I was thinking you might make the flower rusted, as opposed to her hands. I think that would say more in terms of making a globally relevant statement, if you were to show the flower, which should be really beautiful, totally twisted and rusted and ugly. In any case, I am excited to see what you do with this piece!