Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rust Thumbs

These are my thumbnails for the "Rust" challenge.  The girl will be covered in rust.  I have already taken pictures for the 4th one.  Thats the one I will be going with so I guess I am not taking suggestions at this stage... Sorry but I am really excited about the 4th one, the thumbnail doesn't look that interesting but her hand and the flower will be the only things in focus and the rest of her will be all fuzzy.  And by having the hand really close I can make some really nice rust texture.


  1. Owen - looks like a cool idea. The one you've chosen to do is the most interesting to me - the one where there's rust on her face just creeps me out. I think this is going to creep me out no matter what actually. Rusty chick! But I think you're on to something with the idea of how you'll focus on the hands and blur everything else - it'll all be in the execution.

  2. Hey dude! Sounds like a good idea playing with the clarity of elements. I'm looking forward to seeing that. A couple questions...Why is she rusting? will her hands be all rust? is she a statue or real? What's the story behind the image? You don't have to answer them if you don't want...I would just think about those things. Also maybe you want to think about a way to make it a little more relatable to D&D even if it's small...I know he wants it more conceptual, but it's still going directly to the head art director for D&D and...i'm sure he's looking for people to add to his watch list. Can't wait to see the final drawing!