Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scott's Rust Thumbs

Here's my lame attempt at creating lots of interesting thumbs for this project. Haha. But actually I've had quite a few other projects hop onto my table recently so in between drawings for those, this is what i've come up with for our current "Rust" assignment. I Liked the thumb on the top right with the lone armored figure and his trusty companion trudging through the aftermath of a snow covered battlefield. I am thinking of doing this in a very limited palette of black, white, and burnt umber, with hints of crimson. I've been wanting to do a piece with this color combination for a while after seeing it used in some of Howard Pyle's magnificent paintings. Feel free to give comments crits whathaveyou... 


  1. Hi Scott! This seems like a solid idea, and I like your idea for the color palate. I think my one suggestion would be to play with the perspective a bit more. Have the scene from a more above angle, maybe, or throw a big, dark piece of rusty armor into the foreground. Lookin good! Hope you get some sleep this month!

  2. I agree with Becca on the perspective idea, I feel like you have a couple pieces with this perspective and by putting the camera looking down on the characters might give a nice change of pace. Kinda what I'm trying with my piece... Also I think a big part of this quote we are working from is the "thought should never be allowed to rust" part. I'm not sure if you should make him contemplative or show this guy as more thoughtful. That might mean changing the composition a bit, but thats up to you.