Monday, June 29, 2009

Becca's Mother Nature Sketch

Well I certainly am squeaking this in just under the wire, but here it is! My sketch for the Mother Nature project. The main thing that might not be perfectly clear from the sketch is that it is going to be nighttime, or dusk, so there will be some stars in the sky. Also, tendrils of green will be growing from her left hand, and her right foot. OK, if anyone has ideas, lemme have it!


  1. I feel like father sky's left arm looks a bit weird, but it may just because it hasn't been shaded yet. I think the shoulder to elbow portion looks a bit short though. Also his hair looks a bit stiff, like he's been hangin out in new jersey too much. Is there a reason his hair is spikey? She looks awesome though. You might wanna think about working some leaf-like texture into her dress.

  2. Hahaha, Spikey Jersey hair! He's actually supposed to have feathers in his seems I did not draw them well enough. I'll have to take a second look at his arms...the foreshortening was a tad tricky, but no excuses! I will make it look right. Thanks Owen!

  3. Sweet! This'll be a nice one. His left shoulder is seeming a bit detached and low. Especially if you look at the line of his back coming into it. Also, it maybe a little thin? Yeah, I know i'm thin, but it's father sky...he's a beast.
    She looks really good for the most part. I would like to see her having more parts attaching her to the earth like roots or something. Right now it just looks like father sky is swooping in for some nice lady lying around the woods in a dress. but I know you'll make it awesome so i'm not too worried.