Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Owen's Mother Nature Sketch

So I've changed up the composition so it's a lot less static. The trees will be covered in leaves and moss, I just like to define the form now and wait for the paint to make the textures.


  1. Wow, you have really improved the composition! The expression on her face is great. I could almost see an even more dramatic bending/twisting of her body. Like if you raised her right hip up and to the right a bit more, so you really feel that twist in her back and the turning of her shoulders...does that make sense? What's your plan for the lighting/color? I feel like she shouldn't look too human...like no real flesh tones, more earthy, and her hair could be made of long hanging moss that reaches all the way down to the water. You could do a nice dappled light effect, with sun filtering through the leaves and branches in the forest. It'd be cool to have the strongest light be on the guy picking fruit, so that you sort of discover mother nature as your eye wanders back through the piece. Clearly, he's not noticing that she's back there. She's a constant - sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, and everything in-between. Very nice Owen!

  2. Dammit! i hate when I write a long response and then click the image to look closer and it erases what I wrote! Grr...Anyways, I said, This is looking a lot better! I really like her pose, and I think the dappled light idea from Becca could be really awesome if you chose to do it. Just one thing is standing out for me, and that's his arms. First off, I think his right arm (the reaching one) is looking a bit too long. Especially in his forearm. I know you want to emphasize that reach so maybe bring the branch down a tiny bit to compensate for fixing his arm length. Also, I think his left arm is looking wierd. I'm not reading the bend in it the way that I know you are intending so it's looking a bit short and perhaps too wide at the wrist. Maybe try either lengthening it a bit and/or bringing the elbow out a little more to get a slight more angle to tell us that it's going back and then coming forward. Does that make sense?
    Good stuff! Rock on!