Monday, June 8, 2009

Becca's Mother Nature Thumbs

POST-MASTER CLASS UPDATE! Ok don't hate me! I have added these new (better) thumbnails (above). You can't blame me for getting inspired by the Illustration Master Class! The first one is Mother Nature and Father Sky, the bottom one is Mother Nature by herself - in both of them, the idea is that she will have tendrils of green flowing from her fingers, and her dress will ripple and meld with the earth/bark/flora. I imagine the background to be a dark forest, and she'll be glowing...

So the old thumbs are pretty much moot, but I'll leave them down there anyways for...posterity...

OK, here are the Mother Nature thumbnails. The first two thumbnails are an attempt at making a statement industrialization/pollution vs nature - with mother nature rising out of the ground and looking with distain and alarm at the factories/farms/etc that have begun to spread over her. The third one, the idea is that she is a mountain, and her face is cut into the stone. The fourth and fifth ones are similar ideas...I like the idea of mother nature being made out of the earth itself. The third one would be pretty self-indulgent, but we all know how I love to draw those animals :) Suggestions! Comments! Criticisms please!


  1. I personally like the 3rd or 4th one. I really like the perspective of the 3rd one. I picture it coming out looking like an n.c. wyeth painting, the one he did of a giant on a beach i think.

  2. Let's try this again since my last response got erased after I wrote the whole thing...I really like #3 as well. It has the most interesting composition of all of them, and I really like the trees in the foreground. I can picture her back there as this atmospheric majestic mountain seen through the trees in the distance. You can get some really interesting stuff in there with the positive/negative aspect of having the dark trees in front of a light background. Shouldn't they all be self-indulgent? This is an image representing what YOU like to draw. Do 3! it rocks. Plus, check out some Albert Bierstadt:
    He's got some really kick-ass atmospheric rocky mountains.
    And I think this is one Owen was talking about:

  3. Sweet, 3 it is! I was feeling the strongest about that one as well - and I get to do some animals! The giant on the beach is freaking amaaazing - I had one of those "I wish I painted that" moments! And Albert Bierstadt certainly knows how to paint some majestic mountains! I am excited to try something somewhat landscape-y. Research time! Thanks guys!!

  4. You might want to think about what time of day this would take place. Super early in the morning would be cool, or maybe in the middle of the night.

  5. Hey guys, so take a look at the new thumbnails that I posted...they are better...the Master Class has me totally inspired!!

  6. Nice, I like the mother nature father sky one. I think the two figures embracing in that way is really interesting. You should think about keeping mother nature as kinda hard edged and tangible, whereas father sky could be a bit more flow-y and soft edged. a little more ephemeral.