Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scotts Mother Nature Sketch

Here's mine!


  1. I love the movement in this piece, I can't wait to see the final. Are you gonna keep it in a more raw or burnt umber tone, cause that would look great. I feel like the left side of the piece is missing something. It seems like all the focus is on the right side, maybe if you put a head of a sunflower, all wilted up, on the bottom right it might fix that, like really up close and keep it real dark.

  2. Looks great! I like what you did with her outfit. I think that the fabric of her skirt could swoop a bit more...the upper bit is parallel to the page, so maybe create a more dramatic dip in the fabric? The rest looks awesome. Just keep the landscape around her really dark and dramatic, and this'll be killer!

  3. Thanks guys! I do plan on keeping it very dark and dull with browns and greyish greens. I see what you mean about the left side...A big dark dead flower may help!
    Good call on the fabric Becca! I will fix that!
    Go time!