Monday, June 8, 2009

Owen's Green Thumbs

These are my thumbnails for the Mother Nature piece.  Personally I am really jazzed about the third one, I may do a different perspective, but the idea of Mother Nature as this tree goddess bearing fruit for man, I really like.


  1. Think I like the third one as well. Might be a bit static at this point with them both on the same plane. I'd like to see some more experimenting with diagonals or more interesting viewpoints. You could do some really cool stuff with her branches. Sounds like a fun idea though!

  2. Yup, the third one. I agree with Scott about it being a bit static - you could really go crazy with the perspective on this if you wanted, and I'd love to see those branches really twisting around...and I imagine Mother Nature would bear a LOT of fruit, so make sure those branches aren't too sparse. The whole tree goddess idea is very cool. I'd like to see some woodland creatures in there as well :)

  3. thank you both, those are some good ideas to work with. This piece is shaping up to look real good, from all three of us.